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The Personnel Advisor library contains over 100 human resource forms, checklists, and policies. Our interactive forms are designed to assist employers and HR professionals in the productive and prudent use of human resources. They save time by reducing the administrative workload and help employers avoid personnel problems and legal compliance issues.

Attention Firefox Users: Beginning with version 19.0, Firefox now uses a built in viewer to present PDF documents by default.  This viewer does not allow users to fill in form fields. To allow fill-in forms, follow these instructions to re-enable the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: Mandatory written notices that must be distributed to employees are located in the Posters section under "Mandatory written notices."


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The Pennsylvania Departments of Labor & Industry and Revenue use the Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form (PA-100) to register an enterprise for a variety of services and taxes. An enterprise is defined as a sole proprietor or individual, a partnership, a corporation, an association, or any other business structure.

PDF Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration - Form PA-100


Use Form EP-1 to evaluate individual workers and teams regarding work performance objectives. Focus areas include work outcomes, job-relevant behaviors, the acquisition of new or enhanced skills, and improving worker productivity.

PDF Performance Plan & Evaluation - Form EP-1


For workplace policies for creating or supplementing an employee handbook, refer to the following Forms sections:

1) Employee Handbook "Template"

2) Employee Handbook "Sample Policies"

PDF Why an Employee Handbook?


This form is to be used by employers to report essential information for the collection and distribution of Local Earned Income Taxes to the local EIT collector. This form must be utilized by employers when a new employee is hired or when a current employee notifies employer of a name and/or address change (does not apply to Philadelphia work locations).

PDF Residency Certification Form (revised 5/2017)

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