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► Reality Check: Is Your Independent Contractor an Employee in Disguise?

February 25, 2020

The traditional lines between contractors and employees are fading fast as outsourcing continues to gain popularity. The “gig” economy leads people to pursue freelance careers, working several jobs or maintaining a “side hustle.” Technological advancements allow more ...

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► Preventing Workplace Violence: How Can Employers Help?

February 20, 2020

Preventing workplace violence is a high priority. Obviously, no one wants an unsafe workplace. While there’s no way to ensure violence never happens, there is a lot employers can do to try to prevent workplace violence from occurring. Remember that workplace violence encompasses more ...

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► The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO

February 19, 2020

Salary, bonuses, and other compensation-based incentives will always be important for the workforce. But increasingly, work/life balance is a key factor for workers considering their employment options, as well. Over half of employees wish their companies offered more flexible work options . ...

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► At Last! USCIS Releases a New Form I-9

February 17, 2020

Since August 31, 2019—the date that the previous Form I-9 expired—employers have been expressing their concerns and asking us whether they should continue to use the expired form for employment eligibility verification. As expected, this situation created a fair amount of confusion ...

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► Our Employee Has Been Arrested: Now What?

February 17, 2020

Recently, we received this question: “One of our employees has been arrested but not convicted. It doesn’t appear he’s going to be released in the near future. Is it better to put him in an unpaid ‘leave’ status or fire him?” There is little that engenders more ...

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► IRS Releases 2020 Standard Mileage Rates, FAVR Allowances

February 13, 2020

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released its inflation-adjusted standard mileage allowances for 2020, as well as maximum vehicle value thresholds to be used in calculating fixed and variable rate (FAVR) allowances. For all miles of business use, the standard mileage rate for ...

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► Coronavirus Fears at Work: What Employers Need to Know

February 3, 2020

News reports of deaths and illnesses from the rapidly spreading coronavirus raises more concerns with each passing day. Millions of people are being quarantined. Foreign companies and governments are evacuating their people from hard-hit areas of China where the virus got its start. Even ...

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► FAQ: Can You Force Employees to Go on Vacation?

January 27, 2020

I recently received similar questions from two different clients who provide a generous amount of paid time off (PTO) that employees may use for any purpose. One client wanted to require employees to use at least 5 days of leave consecutively each year. The other told me it had eliminated the ...

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► How to Prepare the Workplace for Flu Season

January 24, 2020

No one likes to feel sick, but employers face the added burden of illnesses spreading throughout the organization, which amplifies and prolongs the problem and increases the amount of productivity lost to illness each season. There are a lot of actions employers can take to reduce the spread ...

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► DOL Releases Final Rule to Clarify Joint Employment

January 21, 2020

On January 12, 2020, the federal Department of Labor (DOL) announced the release of a final rule clarifying issues surrounding joint employment, which is of particular interest to employers that use staffing agencies, have franchise relationships, and use subcontractors. The effective date of the ...

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