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Why a Handbook? A company employee handbook is critically important for a variety of reasons. First, there is no better way for an employer to communicate with employees about what the company expects from them, and what they may expect from the company. Also, by clearly spelling out procedures and policies in a company employee handbook, employers can often prevent expensive lawsuits by employees. Having a handbook also requires the employer to consider, in advance, how it wants to handle a wide range of employment-related issues. (See: Why an Employee Policy Handbook?)

The Employee Handbook Template is included in your subscription to The Personnel Advisor, and may be downloaded and modified for your organization. The template is 36 pages and includes over 45 general workplace policies, which may or may not reflect the compliance issues applicable to your state, locality or organization. For state specific handbooks, see BLR’s employee handbook builder referenced below. Before distributing this document, employers are advised to have it reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.


Employee Handbook

The easy-to-use Employee Handbook Template is the simplest way to create a company handbook, and it is one of the many tools included in your subscription to The Personnel Advisor. For more information about this valuable product, click here to read a complete description and to view the Table of Contents.

Start using the Employee Handbook Template today! The Template is included in your subscription, at no additional cost.



Need a State-Specific Employee Handbook?
The Template included in your Personnel Advisor subscription is a great basis for an employee handbook that takes care of regulations at the federal level. If your organization needs state-specific employee handbooks, check out BLR’s Employee Handbook Builder!

BLR'S Employee Handbook Builder:

  • State-specific policies for CA, IL, OH, PA, TX and the rest of the 50 states & D.C written by the Jackson Lewis law firm
  • Receive policy updates when employment law changes occur
  • Flexible and intuitive build & update process

Learn more at HandbookBuilder.BLR.com




Our customers say it best:
"I am in the process of developing a new employee handbook for our company. I found The Personnel Advisor's Employee Handbook Template to be exceptionally well written and very user-friendly. Having access to this comprehensive outline saves me a significant amount of time and energy. And, the price was right! Thanks to the Personnel Advisor for their contribution to our organization." Thomas A. Thornton, President, Key Builders Construction Inc., Princeton, IL

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