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The Personnel Advisor library contains over 100 human resource forms, checklists, and policies. Our interactive forms are designed to assist employers and HR professionals in the productive and prudent use of human resources. They save time by reducing the administrative workload and help employers avoid personnel problems and legal compliance issues.

Attention Firefox Users: Beginning with version 19.0, Firefox now uses a built in viewer to present PDF documents by default.  This viewer does not allow users to fill in form fields. To allow fill-in forms, follow these instructions to re-enable the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: Mandatory written notices that must be distributed to employees are located in the Posters section under "Mandatory written notices."


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Employers can use Form S-2 to document department safety and health meetings, which are conducted to inform employees of chemicals in the workplace as well as other appropriate safety and health items.

PDF Safety Department Meeting - Form SH-2


Use Form SH-1 to assess the safety of the workplace, and for developing a good safety and health program.

PDF Safety Inspection Checklist - Form SH-1


Form S-2 may be used by the employer to develop an effective staffing or hiring plan. After developing some idea of the type of employees required and the workload requirements, a staffing plan should be developed.

PDF Staffing Plan Guide - Form S-2


The Termination Checklist (Form S-10) will assist the employer when planning to terminate an employee. The checklist includes general information to cover with the employee before his/her departure.

PDF Termination Checklist - Form S-10


Weekly time sheet employers can use to keep records of employee work hours.

PDF Time Sheet Form


Workers who are laid off for a period of 7 or more days or who are separated from the payroll for any reason, must be given a copy of the pamphlet “What Every Worker Should Know About Unemployment Insurance.”  If the employer is unable to provide a copy at the worksite, the publication must be mailed to the employee’s last know address within 5 days of separation.

PDF Unemployment Insurance Pamphlet: English
PDF Unemployment Insurance Pamphlet: Spanish


Form W-4, Employee IRS Withholding Allowance Certificate, is used by the employer to determine the amount of taxes to withhold from an employee’s paycheck.

PDF *Spanish
PDF Form W-4- English (2020)


Form W-9 is used by individuals and entities to provide their taxpayer identification number to entities that will pay them income during the tax year.

PDF Form W-9: English (revised 10/2018)
PDF Form W-9: Spanish (revised 10/2018)
PDF Instructions for The Requester: English (revised 10/2018)
PDF Instructions for The Requester: Spanish (revised 11/2018)


Use Form C-3 for developing basic wage and salary plans. The target pay rate is the average for all persons in a given job.

PDF Wage and Salary Plan - Form C-3


Employers can use Form S-1 to assess workloads in order to determine staffing needs. Job positions that are service oriented, such as receptionists, sales clerks, waitpersons and cashiers—present a challenging problem in determining adequate staffing levels. One of the best ways to determine staffing levels is to collect information about each employee’s workload activity. It also will determine what types of employees may be best utilized (e.g., full-time, part-time, temporaries, independent contractors).

PDF Workload Activity Log - Form S-1

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