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► New Year's Resolutions Every Employer Should Make

January 6, 2023

As the new calendar year begins, many organizations are wisely asking, “What can we do to protect our business assets from an employment law perspective?” This is a great question, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to take stock of existing policies and their ...

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► Pause and Think Before You Terminate Employees

December 27, 2022

While the unemployment rate continues to remain low, given the current potential for a recession or sustained economic downturn, more employers are firing employees. Some employers are also seeing more discrimination claims following terminations. It’s impossible to prevent all fired ...

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► Implement Good Reporting Policies and Harassment Procedures

December 20, 2022

After three years of litigation, a court in Nevada ruled in favor of Sbarro, LLC, in a $178 million lawsuit in which a former employee filed suit against the company for sexual harassment, sex discrimination, retaliation, and negligent retention. The former employee alleged she was repeatedly ...

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► Oh, Snow! Employment Issues and Bad Weather

December 15, 2022

Now is a good time to review which employment issues are affected by major weather events. Bundle up as we review workplace safety and wage and hour issues related to office snow days. Workplace Safety When a major storm approaches, the safety of your employees should be your number one ...

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► Twitter WARNing: Layoffs Can Trigger Notice Requirements

December 14, 2022

After Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter, the company laid off over 900 California employees. As news spread that Twitter plans to eliminate 50% of its workforce, employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company alleging the reduction in force violated the federal Worker Adjustment ...

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► Midterm Surprises Leave Congress Divided

December 7, 2022

As we write this, many days after the midterm election, one thing is clear: This was a historic election in that the party in power performed far better than anyone predicted—indeed, better than any such party has performed in decades. As a result, the Democrats will retain control of the ...

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► Don't Give Employees a Legal Claim for the Holidays

December 5, 2022

It's the holiday season again. Holidays can be a great time to foster a sense of community and a positive corporate culture. But don't let your guard down on issues that carry potential liability. Wage and Hour Claims Should Not Be on Your Gift List If you hold a holiday party, ...

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► Supreme Court 2022-23 Term: Major Employment Cases Pending

December 1, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court has a number of major cases on its agenda this term, including three that could have a major impact on employment law as we know it. The three cases are on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), and last but certainly not least ...

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► Understanding the NRLB's New Joint Employer Rule Proposal

November 28, 2022

Over the last decade, there has been a significant amount of litigation over how to determine if multiple companies are joint employers of a workforce. Joint employer status can create significant liability issues for the secondary employer in areas such as wages and safety matters. The rules ...

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► California: Pot, Fast Food, Money, and Outer Space

November 23, 2022

New laws have recently been passed and signed on a variety of employment related topics. As Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Legislature moved to distinguish Sacramento from the nation’s other state capitals, some of these laws are pretty strange. S-P-A-C-E F-O-R-C-E ...

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